Course Overview

STIA 402: Clean Energy Innovation

Georgetown School of Foreign Service

Science, Technology, and International Affairs Program

Mitigating climate change will require adopting breakthrough clean energy technologies at scale. This course will introduce students to three interconnected aspects of clean energy innovation to paint a broad picture of (i) technology and process innovation to develop new clean energy technologies and scale them up, (ii) business model innovation that can take existing or new technologies to market, and (iii) the use of public policy to accelerate the pace of innovation. This course will focus on the power sector, and students will understand the science behind major technology areas, including: solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, marine, and nuclear power, as well as energy storage. (This unit will require some familiarity with basic physics, but otherwise will endeavor to build technical fluency from the ground up.) Students will also study how new business models can enable massive scale of clean energy deployment as well as new market creation in the developing world. Finally, the policy unit will investigate which policies can accelerate innovation as well as which can stunt it, and we will conclude with recommendations for U.S. policy on the domestic and international stages.